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RIZHAO BAFANG PAPER CO., LTD. located in Rizhao City, Shandong Province, China. The transportation are very convenient and could reach Qingdao port easily within two hours. Established in 2003, through more than ten years of development we are the biggest manufacturer specialized in food wrapping use M.G. white sandwich paper (sulphite paper) and household tissue paper in China. Now we have more than 500 workers and include more than one hundred of high educated technician and administrative staffs. Our products have been exported to more than twenty countries and regions.

We strictly adhere to the ISO9001 & GBJ9001A quality management system and the ISO 14001 environment management system. The factory is equipped with the latest technology machinery which ensures maximum efficiency and quality of products.

Totally we have eight full production lines and yearly production capacity more than 20000 tons. Now we use only 100% virgin wood pulp imported from Canada and Japan. Four production lines of 100% virgin wood pulp M.G. white sandwich paper (sulphite paper) of 14gsm---30gsm. More than 50 containers produced monthly. Usually it's used for wrapping Shawarma (kind of sandwich popular in Gulf countries) in Middle East countries. We have exported to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Turkey etc. This paper also can be used as shoes infill paper, cloth&fruit packaging too.

Another four production lines are 100% virgin wood pulp jumbo tissue paper rolls (parent rolls) for napkin, kitchen, facial tissue(box tissue), toilet paper. At present the main products are single ply 13-25gsm, 1750mm high, diameter 750mm-1000mm. It's popular used at whole Shandong province, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Henan etc.

Also we have full set processing machines for recycled toilet paper, at present it's mainly export to Middle East, USA, South America, Africa. Welcome to visit us and we could produce according to samples of any specification.

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